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Marketing and Laws related to Self Publishing

​Selling Your Book

Client's Website
Each client gets his/her own book's website that broadcasts "Author's Name," "Author's Book," "Author's Book-overview," and "Author's Book-preview."  

The marketing staff of Cbookspublishing and Bookstore is for authors, consumers and the image recognition of the author’s products. The sublime command to buy! Cbookspublishing marketing commitment is the ongoing included and continue name recognition of Cbookspublishing, award-winning authors, and the household usage of these as a combined constant visual.

Pride and Much More
It is with pride that Cbookspublishing sees printed materials whether postcards, bookmarks, posters, business cards as a great start in the marketing mix. Marketing is first for all authors a coach. The hand-in-hand! “Give and thou shall receive!” Come now–– the handouts, arranging the book-signing event! 

It is here and there after the options of 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year advertising your book on a personal website. Viewed by anyone anywhere worldwide! This over and above the automatic webpage that Cbookspublishing publishes through the company. Each author gets affordable pricing! Do you want to be connected to bookstores, book clubs and other authors’ organizations? Cbookspublishing and Bookstore Marketing have a solution!

Want media coverage? All parts of marketing, most of these marketing tools are remarkably inexpensive through Cbooks’ marketing programs. The staff at Cbookspublishing has not only effectively managed clients' products with a balance of sound judgement and cost efficiency, but more importantly, we understand the complexity of the publishing industry and know the processes. Cbookspublishing is a better business partner for authors; Cbookspublishing certainly know the industry's challenges and the needs of authors" 

Publishing Law

The ability to write and express oneself in writing is a unique talent. No author should be burden with the challenge of an overly complicated contract. Every author should protect him/herself as to rights within publishing. The author should know that we at Cbookspublishing furnish a standard self-publishing contract that protects the author’s rights. Our authors have the right to seek their own attorney before signing a contract with Cbookspublishing. We say this because we want there to be peace of mind in our working relationship with one another to ensuring a great printed book that the general public will enjoy.

Contract Cancellation
Every author has the right to terminate any contract within a thirty days period. That termination notice must be in writing and notarized by a public notary. 

A license to in the United States is established by contract between the author and publishing company, which at Cbookspublishing we are the employees of the author. This licensing is defined as a non-exclusive.

Non-exclusive License
As author, I extend to Cbookspublishing the license to represent my literary work as to the completing thereof. The author gives the publisher this non-exclusive license right to print, distribute, and to sell the author’s book. As we work with others in the publishing community we also accept the right to further the author’s works through all venues. This gives us the right to use out of his/her works parts that will further this end regards to a profitable adventure. 

Our entire publishing law contract has throughout the agreement protection rights for all of our authors.

Renewal Protection
All contracts renew at the end of three (3) years. The Author has the right to preempt this renew by sending us a notarized cancellation

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