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About our Self Publishing Company

At Cbookspublishing And Bookstore, we have been helping authors get published since 2011. We began as just a bookstore.  Shortly after opening our bookstore, we established the self-publishing business as a complement of our bookstore.

Our mission is to help you get published and to give our authors the chance to be in control of their published works as "the boss". Further as mission, it is Cbookspublishing promise to  take care every author; and where it is possible, we will help limit the out-of-pocket expenses that our authors will have to pay to get a book to market.

From manuscript to a final product, we have been, from inception of Cbookspublishing,  producing the highest quality work, second to none, in the publishing industry. 

Sherman Jones, (company president/CEO) of Cbookspublishing And Bookstore, believes that authors should be well compensated for their aspirations and inspirations. Authors do the real work; therefore, authors should get fair wages for their labors. We are committed to helping you get published and rewarded.
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