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Cbookspublishing is your ultimate resource when it comes to getting your book PUBLISHED.

Automatically your book will be place with Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other resellers.  Your books will be sold in the US, Australia, and the UK. 

As a writer, Cbookspublishing extends to you the freedom and flexibility to write and determine how much effort you wish to apply to direct interaction with your book in the market place.  Therefore, we are making sure that you get the right bargain in your publishing experience and overall processing of your book. We know that self publishing is the best fit for today's writers. The  whole process, with us and you as a self-published author, consumes less time and is simpler compared to traditional publishing that puts, in many instances, their author under extreme control contract.  

This is why we have several royalties plans that we extend to you with an upward of sixty percent (60%) plan that can go into your pocket.  Your works mean just what it says, "Your Works!"

Worry no more!  You are here at the right place, Cbookspublishing!  We will take you through a step by step process on how to successfully become published and take your authorship to a whole new level.  We are committed to taking the worry out of work!

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