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​This book, Poetic & Crazy,  is full of Irony- saying one thing while  meaning another, contradicting the thing for the purpose of creating humor. The humorous poem lines (The Poetic) use metaphors comparing two things, which don't make a great deal of sense (The Crazy) until you understand the traits that the two things share. 
Poetic & Crazy are of the philosophical and poetic. In this book are the hyperboles (the funny to the ridiculous), depth and life added to the characters in Poetic & Crazy. Poetic & Crazy uses philosophical and poetic alliteration and imagery (using figurative language) 
for the purpose of appealing to the readers' senses. As a climax, there are the paradoxes, rhyming couplet, similes, slams, slanted rhymes, rhetorical questions, and understatements-all for the purpose of entertainment.